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Having a backup of your site is essential. Every webmaster should have a few backups of their website in case something goes wrong. If you’re looking for a way to back up a WordPress site you can hire us to do that.

A backup is a simple copy of your site which you can restore whenever you need it. It’s a failsafe, precautionary measure that saves you a lot of stress. It’s like an insurance policy to protect all the effort, time and money you’ve invested in your WordPress site.

Your WordPress site is made of two components,

  •   Theme/plugin files, scripts, media, etc that make up the structure of your site, and provide functionality.
  • MySQL database that stores your blog posts, comments and the options you set in your WordPress admin area

A majority of cheap web hosts will talk of offering backups, but all they do is backup your MySQL database only, if they backup anything at all. They don’t back up your files, which means you can’t recover changes you make to your theme for example, if it’s corrupted. It’s also quite the hassle requesting a copy of your website from their backups, so it’s just best to backup your site on your own. You know, just to make sure everything is safe. The full backup we are taking will be helping you to take care of all your files as well as your database. This means if you lose your site, you just need to restore the backup and your work is done. We will take care of the whole restoration process.

At the end of the day it is an additional cost and service to manage. On the other hand if you subscribe to an online WordPress backup service you do not have to worry about additional services and costs. You just pay your subscription and the WordPress backups are stored in a remote and secure location for you.

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