Plugin Development

WordPress is extremely extensible. With a plugin, you can add nearly limitless functionality to your site. There are thousands of high-quality free and premium WordPress plugins available. But, sometimes, you need something really custom. Building a WordPress plugin gives you the ability to make exactly the features you need for your site.

If there’s one cardinal rule in WordPress development, it’s this: Don’t touch WordPress core. This means that you don’t edit core WordPress files to add functionality to your site. This is because, when WordPress updates to a new version, it overwrites all the core files. Any functionality you want to add should, therefore, be added through plugins using approved WordPress APIs.

WordPress plugins are such amazing extensions to the greatest CMS that WordPress is. Imparting enhanced functionalities to million websites from around the globe, many new plugins brace the market every day. If you have a custom plugin requirement, Freshpixl is here to help you.


If you have a plugin idea and are looking for an agency to develop a plugin for it, get in touch with us today. We also help our clients with the installation of complex plugins or the ones that need to be addressed frequently.

Our agency offers WordPress plugin development and customization for amazingly affordable prices. We believe in timely delivery of the projects we undertake; hence, you can get in touch with us for quick turnaround time for your plugin project. 

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