Recluta for Recruitment Agencies

This is the Best Software Out there for Recruitment Agencies based in Sri Lanka. Each Agency Should Own a Software like this to manage their Daily Data, Accounts and Many More. Full Features of this Software is Below.


  • Register and Manage Employees
  • Upload their Photo
  • Maintain Any Kind of Document of Each Employee
  • Quick Search Employee with NIC, Passport or Reference Number
  • Assign Sub Agent to Employee
  • Save the Interested Job and Country
  • Blacklist or Inactive an Employee


  • Generate CV of the Employee
  • Multiple CV Templates Are Allowed (Example for Male, Female)
  • Custom CV Template with your logo and design
  • Email CV for Foreign Agents Manage Records


  • Passport Management. New Passport and Old Passports
  • Upload Postal Size, Passport Size, 4th Page, 5th Page
  • Passport in Hand or Out Management


  • Medical Details Managing and Addition
  • Record Medical Status (Okay, Received, DP, DPN, Unfit)
  • Upload Medical Report

File Information

Note: A File is Created when an Employee Selected for a Visa

  • FBR Upload with Date FBR Received
  • Fingerprint Recorded Date
  • Enjaaz Records
  • Upload Enjaaz Document
  • Embassy Stamp Upload
  • Embassy Stamp Record
  • Bureau Document Upload
  • Connect File with Job Order
  • Manage Tickets Details of the Employee (Returns, Re-issues)
  • Check Status Summary of File (example: enjaaz Done, FBR Done, Embassy Not Yet)
  • Foreign Agent assign and unassigned Email
  • Job Order Management
  • Job Order Assigning

Sub Agent

  • Register Maintain Sub Agents
  • Upload Sub Agent Photo
  • Sub Agent Commission Record
  • Manage Accounts (see below Accounts Section)

Foreign Agent

  • Register and Manage Foreign Agents
  • Register and Manage Visa Details
  • Register and Manage Sponsors
  • Blacklist Foreign Agents
  • Blacklist Sponsors
  • Quick Search with Visa Number Sponsor National ID or Any Requested Field
  • Quick Stats on Each Foreign Agent (example: Total Visa, Stamped Visa, Remaining Visa, Assigned Visa)
  • Save Visa Request Details
  • Upload Visa Request Form
  • Manage Any kind of Document Regarding Individual Visa
  • Manage a File for Each Visa with Reference Number
  • Blacklist, Hold or Inactive a Visa
  • Track How Many Days Spent from the Day Visa Received

Ticket Agents

  • Manage Ticket Agent Details
  • Ticket Purchasing
  • Ticket Returning
  • Ticket Re-issuing
  • Manage Accounts (see below Accounts Section)

After Departure

  • Manage Complains
  • Check how many Days Spent from Departure (Agreement Renewal Checkup)
  • All Details of Employee and Visa in One Place Easier to Examine.
  • Run Away Refused to Work Cancelation Management.
  • Manage Accounts (see below Accounts Section)


We have taken Deep Concern on Accounts and Made It Reliable and Easy as Possible. You can Manage Any Kind of Accounts via this Application

  • Payment Receipts
  • Payment Vouchers
  • General Journal
  • Default Transaction Templates
  • Opening Balance of All Accounts
  • Cash Book
  • Bank Book
  • Sub Agent Payable Receivable Accounts
  • Individual Sub Agent Balance
  • Foreign Payable Receivable Accounts
  • Individual Foreign Agent Balance
  • Enjaaz Expenses Management
  • Bureau Expenses Management
  • Other Any Kind of File Related Expenses
  • Ticket Agent Balance or Over Payment Management
  • Ticket Return Loss Calculations
  • Ticket Re-Issue Loss Calculations
  • All Kind of Expense Management
  • Your Personal Account Management


These reports are very expantionable you can select between a range of date or any kind of range.. its easy and you can generate customized reports

  • Employee’s Reports
    • Passport Detail Report
    • Passport Return Receive Detail
    • Medical Status Report
    • CV Email History Report
  • Foreign Agent’s Reports
    • Open Visa Detail Report
    • Pending Un Assigned Visa Report
    • Assigned Visa Summary Report
    • Confirmed Visa Summary Report
    • Departure Detail Report
    • Job Order Details Report
    • Visa Payment Detail Report
    • Visa Stats by Foreign Agent Report
    • Visa Status Summary
    • Visa Status Summary by Foreign Agent
    • Visa Status Summary by Sub Agent
  • Accounts Reports
    • Journal Report
    • Ticket Agent Balance Detail Report
    • Ticket Agent Balance Summary Report
    • Ticket Payment Detail Report
    • Ticket Payment Summary
    • Un Paid Tickets Detail Report
    • Sub Agent Balance Detail Report
    • Sub Agent Balance Summary Report
    • Foreign Agent Balance Detail Report
    • Foreign Agent Balance Summary Report
    • Employee Income Expense Summary Report
    • Profit and Loss Report
    • Balance Sheet
    • Profit and Loss by Individual File

Note: More Reports Can Be Generated as per Client Request

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