EasyBiz Total Inventory and Billing System.

This Software will save your time and will make your Work Efficient and Accurate Never like
before. And with an Attractive Interface which makes you Work with A Fresh Relaxed Mind. Solutions of EasyBiz are as below.


  • Save your Products under Categories (etc. Mobile Accessories, Pc Accessories).
  • Save more than one Selling Price for your Product.
  • Manage Stock Low Level and Stock Level.
  • Transfer Stock and Manage Damaged Stock.


  • Add Your Regular Customers.
  • Save your Customers under Categories (etc. Mobile, Pc).
  • Manage their Receivable Payments and Over Payments.
  • Separately View Individual Customer Income.


  • Add Your Suppliers.
  •  Save your Suppliers under Categories (etc. Mobile, Pc).
  • Manage their Payable Payments and Over Payments.
  • Separately View Individual Suppliers Ordered Products.
  • Purchase Order & Good Received Note.


  • Add Employees Information.
  • Manage Employees Information.
  • Manage Their Payroll with ETF, EPF and Deductions.


  • Keep track on your All the Bank Accounts you have.
  • Keep track on your Cash on Hand.
  • Keep track on Cheque’s and its Status.
  • Manage your Petty Cash Transactions.

Generate Reports

  • Generate Reports as you wish. Selected Period of Time (Monthly, Weekly, Yearly).
  • Total Sales Report.
  • Total Expenses Report.
  • Total Cash Transactions.
  • Total Bank Transactions.

With above core values we have included Administrator & User Privileges and Print and Email & Export Invoices solutions also.

If you feel “I need something more than this” Feel Free to notify us, or you feel “This is Too Much for me” No Problem, We can Still Amend it for you as you need.

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